So, blogging…

I recently started blogging in Finnish (Hyvä Lukija) about books and reading and there are other projects evolving around that. But I feel like I need a vent for my other dear hobby and passion, webseries.

Mainly, literary webseries, though some independent original webseries might have slipped into my radar.

The thing about webseries is that they (at least the good ones) are much more inclusive and time-consuming than one unfamiliar with them might think. Definitely more time-consuming and inclusive than a tv series.

Like for example, my favourite webseries, Classic Alice, is approximately 5 minutes long per episode, but then there are the several rewatches, the gushing over the episode over Twitter about it, the uploading and editing of the reaction video, the continued gushing over Twitter about it, the paths that lead to Tumblr, BuzzFeed and beyond… And then awaiting with bated breath, whether the characters will tweet something to each other, whether the other characters will answer, whether the characters will reply to your tweets (in the case of Classic Alice, mostly yes, but in times of duress for the characters, according to the characteristics of the character 🙂 while all the time gushing over Twitter about it with other fans.

It is of course the watcher’s decision how much you get sucked into a webseries (mostly, I’m bad at reigning myself in…), but it’s usually just plain fun! And the people you meet through them,  the creators and the actors are the cream on the cake… or pie… or muffin… or snickerdoodle, whichever you are into ;P

My previous post on this blog, the one in Finnish, is written about the time that my insomnia started. Yep, it’s about insomnia. I still cannot sleep (without heavy medication), but I have to admit that having these series to follow, with everything they bring with them, I feel like they have helped me to feel included again. In something positive, something not tiring, something that I want to be a part of without it sucking me dry.

Also, especially literary webseries have given me a refreshing new viewpoint into classics! A few months ago I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and only a few pages in I was already planning an Instagram account for Jonathan Harker, and what could the mental asylum be in a modern adaptation (newspaper offices?). Today I stared at my toenails on the ceiling of the sauna (I am Finnish after all) and plotted a crossover of Classic Alice and Social Medium (another very cool webseries, just getting started) with the help of H.P.Lovecraft.

SO, in conclusion. Webseries are truly awesome and breed enormous amounts of creativity in the minds of the watchers.

Let this be my opening statement, and let the obsessive ramblings continue on this blog in the future.

Btw, the header I’m about to struggle on the page is for Classic Alice’s Indiegogo campaing, more info 


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