Redefining the… oh, nevermind…

Today has been a very webseriesless day. Hmm.. I think I need to rethink the use of this blog. This might just be the place where I can write about stuff in more characters than multiples of 140.  So now is the time to flee!

I have been madly cleaning today. This happens entirely too rarely, I am afraid to admit, and since my Yule holiday was suddenly extended by two weeks, letting me stay three weeks at my mum’s ( D: ), instead of one, I am really glad I got the enthusiasm peak just now. It is truly interesting, what kind of states of decomposition different fruits reach when left to fend for themselves for three weeks. And a tiny bit yucky.

After I cleaned, I started to make dinner, beetroot steaks and apple-yoghurt sauce. This turned out to be a total failure. And I do not fail at cooking!! I don’t! There’s still a coconut-cream pie in the oven, that might save the day.


Ok, so. At this point I took the pie out of the oven, my computer crashed and I ended up watching YouTube after all, on my phone, while the computer sorted itself out. My entertainment were a new episode of In Earnest and Writing Majors and an entirely new series called Baker Street.

In Earnest has been fun. The characters are active online and the crossover with Green Gables Fables was interesting and not too intrusive. Or not intrusive enough? The Importance of Being Earnest has been one of my favourite plays since high school when I first read it, so I loved the excuse of rereading it again before starting to watch the series. For some reason the webseries hasn’t enthralled me the way some other shows have. I hope I’m not as superficial that the reason for it is that the main characters are male. I think several things affect it though, one of them being the simple fact that the speakers are always a long way from the camera. I don’t know. Maybe.

I have to present this theory to the Tweeps who love pondering media analytic things with me.

I just started wondering why my hands are growing chilly and noticed the wind is blowing snow horizontally outside and anyway it’s -13C (which shouldn’t affect the temperature inside, but it does at first when the walls grow colder).

So I will make some hot cocoa, a plate of gingerbread (I am not cutting that pie today, just a tiny little bit superstitious) and plant myself on my reading chair:

And enjoy the rest of the evening warmer. Will continue about the other two series tomorrow. (Or at night, which is social media banned time, but this is a blog, so…)



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