Flu-y webbrain

I was going to be a good little writer today and edit my novel manuscript,  but as it happens a flu has crept on me all of a sudden (not that sudden, thought it was just the dry air because it’s freezing outside, but nope).

The painkillers have just kicked in so I have a few moments before they fuzz my brain. I just wanted to finish rambling about what I was writing last night.

Actually, I also realised something about In Earnest. Maybe the stage like settings of the videos are as much a nod to the original medium of the text as for convenience. It is, after all, a play. Maybe that is the thing that somewhat distances me from the series: leaving space for movement and other action on the screen. Especially in the earlier videos it conflicted with the vlog form.

Yeah. I’ll muse on that a bit more.

The second webseries of last night was Writing Majors. For once a YouTube’s random suggestion paid off! Usually the thing’s just suggesting me to watch random Finnish sporting events (I mean why? Why? Why?).

The show seems promising. The concept is to cram famous writers of the public domain era in the same college, studying writing together. Emily Dickinson gets a video camera from her parents for Christmas and learns to use it with her besties Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. And I will stand by my Janily ship (or DickAusten, vomited by my brilliant brain last night). Just look at Emily following Jane on the camera for example at the party. It is positively caressing.

The Baker Street was an interesting experience. It feels like the first season of a whole webseries mistakenly published at once. Made me also realise that had I a flat mate, I would undoubtedly be the Sherlock of the scenario. Without the cool researching stuff. Just the mess anf the annoyance.

Sorry by the way that I’ve not provided links here. I find it too cumbersome to do with the phone but will rectify the matter when I open my computer.

Now I feel the fuzz coming on and still have to feed the cat…


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