The death of a fictional loved one

Today’s blog is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Cuthbert.

I remember sobbing inconsolably at Matthew’s death the first time I read Anne of Green Gables. He is such an important character and Anne’s first family.

The Green Gables Fables really made us all fall for Matthew again. He was awkward and sincere and very loving, the first person to stand between Anne and the world.

Ok, I can’t write about this without getting emotional.

Well done, Green Gables Fables! I’ve already seen theories on Twitter that they could just have called him into secret service or the aliens might have taken him. Still, I’m glad the series went with the original plot. It is such a turning point in the novel series. Doesn’t mean I won’t be grieving.

Anyway, so, as you might have gathered, Green Gables Fables is a web series adaptation of L. M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. I’ve been watching it since the first video hit YouTube, over a year ago now. Or maybe since someone mentioned that this web series was in the works, GGFables and Anne’s Tumblr, Instagram…

Although the series is probably getting more attention as things start to proceed with the Shirbert (friend)ship, I love the unhurried pace the series has had. The creators are students so that might affect the pace, luckily, since it makes the series seem so real, even though the story is one that I’ve known most of my life!

Matthew’s passing and Anne’s video after that was not the first time this series has wrung tears from my bleeding heart. Knowing how the story proceeds made Ruby Gillis’ vlog about finding love so touching that it made me curl up in a ball of web series feels and eat a whole lot of chocolate. The actors, and casting in general, are so wonderful that I am in denial that these people do not have the destinies Montgomery penned for them over a hundred years ago.

There are so many things I could say about Gteen Gables Fables, but I think the most important is just that. How the creators have been able to bring the characters to life, from this well known and well loved book. My favourite thing still is that I AM FOLLOWING MRS LYNDE ON TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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