Why Classic Alice, why?

It’s about time I wrote more about one of my all time favourite web series, Classic Alice which is currently crowdfunding their second season with Indiegogo. The header on top of my  blog is from their campaign and you can follow it on Twitter #SaveAlice.

So, 4 reasons you should watch, support, follow and share Classic Alice:

1. It is brilliant. The way that man burping the theme to the Muppets was brilliant (Cabin Pressure reference, excuse me). The way things that surprise you all the time and keep your attention are brilliant.

2. The characters. I don’t think I’ve loved characters more than Alice and Cara and Andrew. I don’t remember hating anyone as much as a certain someone at a certain point in the show (no spoilers, you have to watch it to find out). Even the characters who appear only on Twitter are awesome. And the many layers of Nathan! Nathan is so great!

3. The actors. The show really gives away what a loveable bunch these people are. And if it doesn’t, follow them on social media, tweet at them and you’ll find out. The transmedia creators are obviously included in this.

4. The fandom. About half a minute into the first episode you are going to start wishing Alice was real. And that’s the best part! Meet #Ocelittles! If you dare to open your mouth, or rather tweet at the characters and then follow and tweet with other people watching and supporting the show, you will get to know dozens of Alices. What’s even better, Alices from many parts of the world, of different ages and backgrounds and opinions on books, books, books and… other stuff.

I was going to make this a list of 10 reasons, but I think these are really all the reasons you need.

So please watch, share and donate to the Classic Alice Indiegogo campaign.


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