Killing time on a train station somewhere in Western Finland

So. The title explains it all. Still an hour to go before my train leaves for the last part of my journey to my hometown(where I grew up). I’m going to spend a couple of weeks with parents. Apparently people who don’t sleep, don’t have to work. For a while.

I’ve been pondering Mr Rushworth. The web series From Mansfield With Love has really brought the character alive in my mind. I mean, despite being stupid, the whole affair with Maria and Henry Crawford touches his life in as dramatic a way as any of the others. True, people already think him stupid and must not find it so very surprising that he has been cuckolded. Also, in the original, he probably suffers far less of the consequences of the whole matter than Maria. He is a rich man and rich men surely find friends.

But the bottom line is that even including the book, this Rory Rushworth  is the first version of that character for whom I’ll probably feel pity.

It’s always enjoyable to find new layers for the original story through adaptations.

The Crawfords have now hatched in Mansfield Park Hotel and oh boy,  do they bring change. Frankie was vlogging by the pond when they appeared with Edmund. Henry is deliciously smarmy and rakish with his “beds” in London and Mary wonderfully charming and normal, raising literary hackles only when she refers to Harry Potter as ‘the film’.

The presence of a video camera brings out interestingly yet somewhat expectedly the worst in Henry’s character. It hasn’t been confirmed but in an episode (14?) where the camera was left mistakenly running, it felt like Henry was totally aware that the camera was on. He was flirting with us watchers and also already with Frankie (or, ooh now that I think on it, with Will!!!).

It is really and truly impossible to watch an episode of FMWL without drinking a cup of tea. Though at the moment of hatching of Henry Crawford and his pretty brown eyes, I choked on my tea.

Tea companies are also losing a pretty penny by not franchising literary web series themed teas. I guess tea goes with books so naturally it goes with literary web series as well.

Tea… I complimented the train station cafe having a coffee pot (!) full of very black tea (I love strong tea) and the clerk proudly told me that it had been steeping there already for a couple of hours. Tea in most Finnish cafes is abysmal.

Ok. I can see my train is already on the station. But before I drag myself, two bags, a suitcase and a cat in her box onto the train, I must suggest a new term: Hatching – the revelation of a new web series character for the first time. Before the Crawfords were revealed their avatars on Twitter were the default egg pic. That gave me the idea.

Oops. Will soon miss my train.


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