How did I end up here?

I started this blog because one of the things that I like most at the moment are literary web series.

Another reason for starting this blog was that I could not sleep. I have medication for that now, but it hasn’t driven away my love for web series, thank Google.

I am a Finnish, soon 32-year-old woman, who is a bank advisor, and wants to be a writer, or rather a published author, because I already am a writer. To be a writer you just have to write, in my opinion.

I have had a couple of tough years health- and lifewise and I feel one thing that has been constant in my life is my love for web series and the community they bring with them. Especially literary web series, which, if you are new to the subject matter, are based on classic public domain literature. I have started to stray to new directions as well, because it seems like literary web series creators are weaving a web of their own, directing me to independent web series as well. Though at the moment it feels like these series pop up here and there and everywhere, the creators are finding each other and crossing borders. Just last Autumn Anne Shirley and Cecily Cardew forged a friendship over Tumblr 🙂 As a lover of classic literature (I read anything really) this brings joy to my soul.

One of the main things I love about literary web series is how female dominant they are. There are only a few literary web series which have male characters who initiate the series. It feels like this is the corner of YouTube where you can watch and enjoy feminism flourish. In a modern world, the male characters are not forgiven just because they can provide financial security to the female character. It’s the best kind of retelling of classics.

In my blog I want to ponder the aspects of the web series, and if I am successful, I will get more people interested in literary web series. It’s really just a place where I open my thoughts in textual form.

I would like to do a bit of research for the blog, since it is pretty easy to contact literary web series creators. I have many questions about the production, casting and financing aspects of the series, which I wish I get to address at some point and blog about as well.

So I guess this blogging is some sort of visible reminder and prompt to actually start contacting people about these things and finding out how to make a literary web series… Maybe I want to make one myself!! Maybe I’ll find out!

If you have read my blog before and wonder why I’m suddenly introducing myself, I am taking part in The Daily Post‘s Blogging 101 course, so expect active blogging this month!


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