Webseries Wednesday

Interesting how the things I love will shape the way I feel about weekdays as well.

When The Lizzie Bennet Diaries started, and when I started to actively follow it, Mondays suddenly came something to look forward to. There aren’t many things that succeed in making Mondays the best day of the week, but if your favourite web series is published on that day, for an obsessive mind, it will do wonders!

Today is Wednesday and two things to look forward to are an episode of From Mansfield With Love and the last episode of the first season of Green Gables Fables.

When I woke up, my Twitter feed was full of interesting tweets about how #Shirbert (Anne&Gilbert’s ship name) had started to tweet to each other. Or rather, Anne had tweeted to Gilbert first (she has been mostly ignoring him after the ‘carrots’ incident). So now the Fabler fandom is eagerly awaiting for the video, which will reveal the meaning of those cryptic tweets (even though having read the books might give it away πŸ˜‰ ). Eagerly awaiting and at the same time sad.

The first book of the series, Anne of Green Gables, is coming to an end and it’s the natural place to end the season. But with no news yet of when we might expect the next one, and no information about how active the characters will be on social media during the hiatus, it is sad to see this one end.

The episode comes out in my time zone usually at midnight. Sometimes they are a bit late, but here’s hoping I don’t have to wait for too long. Because of course it means also that I have to talk the whole thing over with other Fablers (and Josie Pye and Ruby Gillis, naturally) on Twitter afterwards for a couple of hours.

How did these series take over my life? How aren’t more people obsessed with them?

I will leave you with these questions and go see The Theory of Everything with my dad now.


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