Someone is actually reading this!

So the Blogging 101 course asked me to think about my “target audience”. Who I would like to read my blog?

But I really just think that the more relevant question is: to whom do I write this blog?

I write this for me. Everything you read on this blog is my opinion, my voice, my words, my eternal blabber of the mind (and I started another more general blog as well Mayu’s Teapot for even more random ramblings). Yes, my dear reader, unfortunately, my ideal reader is myself. Or someone like myself. I love my own voice the most, so proceed with care.

What I hope is that some of my readers will be totally unaware of literary web series and they will read my blog and be amazed enough by this “new” format and hastily click away to the links I provide or to YouTube to search for the web series in question and fall in love with them as passionately as I have. And then they one day become gloriously famous literary web series producers and thank me for drawing their attention to this format in their Shorty Award acceptance speech. Yes, that is my definite goal! 😀 Or someone (rich) to find ClassicAlice web series and give more money to their Indiegogo (SaveAlice). Or someone who is looking for positive things in their lives to find cool new things related to books.

But the fact remains, that this blog is something that I use to straighten out my thoughts. I’ve always let myself enjoy the luxury of changing my mind, and to do that I need perspective. And for me, writing it out has always made it more easy to find perspective.

Of course, this is a matter that can be affected by my readers. If people would start passionate debates in my comments, maybe then they would also have an effect on my perception. Hmm…

Also, my friends in Finland are of various degrees not-as-interested in literary web series, so this is a place I can vent my enthusiasm.

Aaanyway, will blog soon about stuff more related to the awesome week of web series we have had. Just finishing a rant on the new blog 😛


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