Call me lazy – or just unproductive

While I’ve been reading and reading and reading and reading, the world of webseries has rolled on, and I’ve been an active spectator.

Reasons for not blogging for a while have been various, but I think I’ve just got distracted by so many shiny new things that it has been hard to express my thoughts about webseries in more than a multiple of 140 characters. But I am going to emerge again from the ashes… or something.

I just returned from two weeks on an island on the Baltic Sea (in Kvarken Archipelago, so don’t imagine me on the hut on the rock where Mr. Dursley exiled the family when escaping the Hogwarts letter –  and the weather was waaaaaaay nicer too), and feel like writing about the only webseries that I could keep up during those weeks: From Mansfield With Love.

From Mansfield With Love is an easy webseries to follow. It is compiled of vlogs and some character interaction on Twitter. Also, all the transmedia happen at a suitable time for me since the time difference is only 2 hours. These contribute to the fact that it was easy to watch the vlogs even though the 3G network isn’t brilliant and I kept running out of battery on my phone (there’s no electricity on the island).

But really, I feel like I just could not not watch the episodes during my vacation. From the moment Frankie’s fingers crawled on the screen in the first episode of FMWL, I fell in love with the series. Mansfield Park is my favourite Austen, but I’ve never really ‘loved’ the heroine. Fanny always seemed like such a goody-two-shoes, though admittedly, the people around her are behaving very badly indeed. But Frankie I love. From Mansfield With Love gives voice to the heroine. The novel is filled with Mrs. Norris blathering away, but in the webseries we have only heard her bellowing from outside the screen to Frankie.

In the latest plot line, the series has got to the Crawford proposal part, or Frankenford (a ship name coined proudly by me) proposal. I really could not wait for a week to watch that. FMWL is also one of the few webseries in which, the longer the video, the more I get excited. I guess it’s just nice to spend time with Frankie. Henry, I get you, I love her too.

The series is nearing its end and the plot is in an interesting point. It tells a lot about the quality of the acting of how real the characters have become for me. When this webseries ends, I will mourn the loss of these virtual friends with the same passion as when The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Even though the intended audience is actually Frankie’s brother Will, and she is not even talking to ‘the Internet’ at large like Lizzie was. I’m just glad that they have cast such a handsome fellow to play Will, which might represent us all in the audience.